am I?


I’ve been thinking that I’m a ghost to everyone around me.

I never really stayed before in my life. 2 years. 3 years. nothing more.

I left my footprints, yes. a lot.

but then I’ll be all gone. just like that.

I was dreaming of a sweet commitment and this “string” that can get me attach to something.

but then as I grew older, I don’t think that I can be in such a group or anything.

if I got toooo attached, it would be a nightmare for everyone.

I’ve been there a lot.

I tried not to get tooo close, but somehow I failed.

I’m done hurting people, but there are just people who got hurt because of me.

if I say that I’m a ghost, I won’t know their reaction towards this statement of a fact.

is it a wrong thing to say that I really am a ghost?


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