awhile now


Long time no see, readers!
I’ve been having a really bad writer’s block. yeah for a year now.

What’s up with life?
Has it been neat and fair? yikes. that strikes huh.

Sooo I’m here now. Las Cruces. New Mexico. and no, it’s not Mexico. It’s part of the United States.
I got here August last year, Fall semester, when everybody was dying to have their expectations fulfilled with tons of fun, friends, experiences, and God knows what’s more to it.

It’s been fun and I love it here. Not much of a discrimination even though sometimes I still got those eyes and smirks and ugly little signs. But hell to that, couldn’t have care more.

Being an officer for a club and an ambassador is splendid. I enjoy every minutes spent with my crazy friends. not as crazy as the ones in my previous school, but they definitely had a different level of craziness and jackass-ness.

It has been a great 2 well-spent semesters here and looking forward for more. more years to go but I just hope that I can cut the long crap up and finish way before I was supposed to. I just can’t wait for the experiences to be spent with the special need children! yay!


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